Saturday, January 20, 2007

Convenience Reduction Measures

The convenience reduction in this case being that the Hydro Electric shop now doesn't take Pay Point payments on Saturdays, only Monday to Friday. Pay Point is designed for all kinds of payments, not just energy bills. I work during the week. If it wasn't for the small detail that I have each Friday afternoon off, it would now be impossible to pay my phone bill.

Not that this is earth-shattering/ insightful/ worthwhile, but it simply has to be recorded for all eternity in case any future alien species arrive and wonder why humans eventually ended up destroying themselves. Beaurocrageddon.

After trying to pay my phone bill, this now seems likely.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm Making a Movie!

I'm sitting here talking about Doughuts and John F Kennedy being a "Berliner" in preparation to filming the second set of scenes from the short amateur movie myself and the team are filming today.  It's a Star Trek fan film and this is a follow up to the full length Trek fan film that we've been making (not finished) over the last few years.  The atmosphere is electric - well, relaxed with caffeine hangovers - and we seem to be ingesting as much sugar as possible before kicking off again.

The point is to make use of everything we've "learned" and to press into service the new higher quality equipment.

Ah, rehearsals have begun.  I'll have to direct soon...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Blogging from Anywhere

All of this still counts as testing. I've just found a blogging app for my pocket pc. So what this means in a practical sense is that I've written this from a rather comfortable armchair, far from the computer and without having to put any distance between me amd thr vodka. (It was a Christmas present and since the chair is situated at the bay window of my third floor flat and the stars are out, I'm having a relaxing time.)

Now I've just got to see if the post works!

And it posted! In the meantime an aircraft just scrawled a vapour trail across the sky, which is now illuminated by the moon. I'm listening to music and it's good to have the TV comprehensively switched off for a change.