Friday, July 18, 2008


So, not unusually I'm waiting on something I've bought to arrive. Seems straightforward enough; order, select next day delivery, pay a little extra for the 'delivered before 10am' option. I hate waiting, you see.

So I get the dispatch confirmation from the shop by email, which gives me the tracking number. Which tells me to allow until 12 midday before the tracking will start working. Midday. On a delivery before 10. (Or perhaps 10:30. The shop and the delivery company don't agree on this.)

Sure enough the web tracking system of the delivery company has 'no information'. So my stuff is theoretically anywhere.

Back to that same email, which at the bottom tells me to allow five working days.

The noise you hear is me sighing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where there's a Sea...

This weekend is allegedly the release date for the short episode "Where's there's a Sea...", which I've been working on all week putting it together. At the moment there's a few items which the CG guys are working on, which I'll drop into the edit once they're finished. One shot that I don'thave to wait on (aside from rendering) is this still from the opening animation, which is my own contribution to the CG. Given that we've got a lot of talent willing to help these days, it's not likely that there's a need for me to do much CG anymore. This may very well be my last CG contribution.
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