Saturday, July 22, 2006

And so it begins

Hello. I guess I should be telling you all what's on my mind. Well it's Saturday night and the pizza is on its way. I've got a blog over at USS Intrepid, which has tended to be written as a set of articles rather than a semi-spontaneous stream of consciousness. I had actually kept for a while an online 'journal' back in 1997, but for various reasons I soon gave this up. (Think psycho-ex.) So here we are, whilst I think what exactly I intend to do with this.

USS Intrepid, by the way, is a Star Trek fan film of which I happen to be the director. My profile picture is myself with Lorraine Kelley, who is a TV presenter and also a Star Trek fan. Through a tortous set of events beginning with an article in the New York Times, we came to her attention and subsequently got to meet her.

And that is the current state of play! More later! Maybe!

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