Friday, September 15, 2006

Music and Lyrics

Odd thing music. Odd thing having knowledge on tap too. I'm in my mid to late thirties, which means that my musical tastes were formed from listening to audio cassette (and not even the short lived Digital Compact Cassette). More than that, the internet was still an esoteric academic curiosity.

Cut to modern day and I'm listening to my MP3 player whilst sat at the computer. Here comes a song that means a lot to me, for miscellaneous reasons, and now that I'm effectively living in a science fiction future (2006) I can type the song name into Google and instantly find some lyrics so that I can drunkenly sing along (it's also Friday night.)

And this is the point where I'm discovering that all those lyrics which mean so much to me are don't actually exist and the true words to the song are something else. It's only a few words here and there, where I've consistently misheard, bit even so...

What means so much to me, is a phantom. But on the other hand, if I ever somehow write a song, all those powerful moving lyrics are something that I can use for myself because all this time they've only ever been in my head.

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