Sunday, February 25, 2007

Currying Favour

With, the electrical retailer.

I often take a wander around Currys, gawping at all the large TVs and miscellaneous gadgets I can't afford. This being a Sunday was no different, except that for the first time ever I was stopped at the exit and asked to complete a survey. "How do you rate Currys on your visit TODAY". I have no idea why I agreed, but I sat down and prepared to tick off the relevant boxes in the three page form.

Relevant boxes... there didn't appear to be any.

Were staff friendly and courteous? Agree, completely agree, completely disagree? Well I never actually interacted with any of them. Were they well presented? I didn't even look at any of them. What did I think of the queue? Never bought anything so have no idea?

And so forth. When I realised I wasn't able to answer anything fairly, I made my excuses and left. It was only on the way up the road that I realised what had gone wrong. Currys in their wisdom had obviously got a clear idea of the sort of people who visit the shop; people who take note of the staff and the modernity of the surroundings and the clear display of the prices and all the millions of things that never even made it past my consciousness.

None of the questions addressed the sort of consumer I evidently was: I was on my way to Tescos to buy washing powder and only wandered in to Currys see if there was anything new and/or interesting.

There wasn't.

So Currys, sorry about wasting the nicely printed survey form, so here's some feedback by way of recompense: my shopping experience (and I've bought plenty from you over the years) is highly enhanced by not having staff bug me the second I enter through the door and highly enhanced by not asking me to buy extended warranty three times in the same two minutes.

Thank you.

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