Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Silicon Heaven

Slightly sad news, as far as I'm concerned, this weekend when my old laptop - an HP DV1588 - finally ended up in Silicon Heaven. The noteworthy (if you choose to take it that way) part of all this is that it's the machine on which I put together Heavy Lies the Crown, editing a substantial chunk of the movie on it, doing most of the compositing and rendering a number of CG effects. I bought it after my old Desktop had gone the same way, picking it purely on the basis that it had enough spec to let me finish the film. It even appeared in a couple of TV news items with me, where I pretended I was editing on the spot for the camera crews.

Why do I get so fond of these things?


Daniel Hunter said...

It finally died? Darn. I take it it's a bigger issue than just the drive?

Mind you, at least it lasted longer than my HP. I barely got a year out of that bloody thing.

MeaCulpa said...

Didn't take you long to find a replacement though did it dear? :-)